5 Things Every Contact Wearer Should Stop Doing

5 Things Every Contact Wearer Should Stop Doing

Every contact wearer has a few bad habits with their contacts, even if they don’t want to admit them. But it is important to take care of your contacts because they not only help you see but if they are not cared for properly can affect your health. Here’s a list of the top 5 offenses contact wears are guilty of.

  1. Wearing for too long: Almost everyone is guilty of this, wearing your disposable contacts lenses maybe a day or two too long. But this is actually very damaging to your eyes. Wearing contacts for too long prevents oxygen from getting to your cornea and allows for bacteria to form between your lenses and your eyes.
  1. Using Dirty Hands: No matter how clean your lenses are in the packaging or case if your hands are dirty your contacts will be too. Your hands are the only point of contact between your lenses and your eyes so make sure you wash your hands each time before handling your lenses.
  1. Sleeping in Contacts: Another grave mistake almost all contact wearers have made once or twice in their lives. Sleeping in your contacts gives the same effect of wearing them for too long, it blocks the oxygen from getting to your eyes. Sleeping in contact lenses that are not meant for overnight use gives you a 5 x higher risk of developing CIE. So pay attention to your contacts and make sure you don’t doze off before taking your lenses out.
  1. Using Water: You forget your contact solution and need something to clean your contacts with so naturally you choose water. Bad idea, tap water can be very damaging to contacts. Water can contain harmful microorganisms that can cause bacteria on you lenses. That being said don’t soak you contacts in water, don’t wear them in the shower, and avoid swimming in them.
  1. Dirty Contact Case: Contact lens care doesn’t stop at just the lenses themselves it has a lot to do with how they are stored. Make sure you are keeping you case clean and are changing out the solution on a daily basis. It is recommended you change your contact case every 3 months to avoid bacterial growth.

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