Fashion Eyewear Terms

Eyewear terms and references can be overwhelming when trying to find the perfect pair that you want to invest in. Q Optical has provided you with fashion options when it comes to your designer eyewear choices. Don’t feel lost again next time you start looking for that perfect pair.
Aviator-style frames: Just like those that pilots used to wear; they usually have a metal frame and large, tinted lenses. Modifications of the traditional aviator-style frame are very popular.

Cat-eye frame: A retro style frame with upswept almond shape and high temple placement that are sometimes accented with jewels or crystals.

Drop Temple: The temples are attached at the bottom of the lens area rather then at the top and can have a slight upsweep or curve.

Flash-Mirror Lenses: Highly reflective cosmetic coating to a lens. The frame has a hint of mirror, adds style, shimmer and color to the lens.

Floating Lenses: The lens is mounted in a way that creates the illusion that the lens is floating in the frame.

Gradients: When a lens has a gradual fade from a dark to light color, usually fading from the top down.

Laminates: A plastic frame treatment that layers two or more colors on top of one another.

Over-Prescription Sunwear: Sunwear that is designed to be worn over existing glasses, and come in a wide variety of styles, colors and available lens technologies.

Pillowed Rectangle: A rectangular frame shape that is slightly puffed or curved on the top and bottom.

Readers: The entire lens in these glasses are magnifies for ease in seeing at a close range, such as when reading a menu or book. Readers can be bought in a variety of retail stores and people tend to use these to aid them with regular eye exams. Don’t forget to see Dr.  Q at Q optical for eye exams in Boston MA, for a true assessment of your visual health and sight needs!

Rimless: Frames in which the lens appears to not have a frame, held together by invisible nylon cord, notches or mounting screws.

Semi Rimless: Frames with a traditional frame on the top half of the lens, where the bottom appears to have no frame (but is invisible nylon.) There are also semi-rimless with the rim on the bottom and not the top.

Tortoise: A frame that is a mottled brown or gold color, which resembles a turtle shell.

Wrap-around(wrap): The frame on these eyeglasses curves around the head, from the front to the side. Wrap-around sunglasses  offer a little extra sun protection because the lenses usually hug close to the face and protect the delicate tissue around the eye as well.

Shields: Large glasses, generally sunwear, that were originally designed to fit over prescription eyewear, which are now a fashion staple. Lens is cut so it is one piece, covering more space on the face.

Task Specific Eyewear: Eyewear designed for a specific function or usage whether for work, sports, driving, fashion needs, etc.

Titanium: A type of metal alloy that is very strong, lightweight and often hypoallergenic.

Zyl: Plastic frame material.

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