How Eye Exams Help Identify Health Conditions

How Eye Exams Help Identify Health Conditions

Your eyes are the window to your soul, and also a window into your health. An eye exam can reveal much more than just what is going on behind your eyelids, it can reveal what is happening in the rest of your body too. Eye exams can help identify chronic health conditions and can often be as effective as a physical in determining health problems. Routine eye exams can lead to early disease detection and prevention of serious health conditions. Eyes can often reveal clues to these health problems long before you start feeling symptoms in the rest of your body. Some conditions that can be detected through eye exams include,eyeglasses-679696_640

  • Diabetes- diabetes affects the small capillaries in your eyes and can cause them to leak blood or yellowish fluid
  • Hypertension– hypertensions can cause blood vessels to appear bent, ripped or change color
  • High Cholesterol– Corneas with a yellowish appearance or a ring of yellow may be sign of high cholesterol as well as plaques in the blood vessels of the retina
  • Autoimmune Diseases – Inflammation in the eye may be a sign of autoimmune disease such as lupus.
  • Thyroid Disease– Budging eyes or protruding eyeballs are often the first signs of thyroid disease

Annual eye exams can also reveal symptoms of tumors and even cancer. Stay on top of your overall health with regular eye exams, Visit Dr. Q at Q Optical located at 287 Newbury Street in Boston today for your on-sight eye exam. Call today at 617-424-9292 to schedule your new eye exam!

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