How to Properly Clean Eye Glasses

Eye glasses get dirty everyday from the natural oils from your fingers, make-up, weather conditions, and exposure to everyday activities.  Keeping your glasses on a dresser or vanity leaves them exposed to perfumes, hairsprays, and other particles floating in the air. Daily cleaning will improve the effectiveness of your glasses and prevent them from scratches that could force you to invest in an entire new pair of glasses.

The first rule to cleaning glasses is not using the shirt on your body, although convenient, it carries dust and can easily scratch your lenses! Lenses used to be glass and didn’t scratch as easily due to safety issues most glasses lenses are now plastic, although safer, they can be easily scratched.  Usually people think a napkin, paper towel, or Kleenex to clean eye wear because they are convenient to grab however those rough fabrics can scratch your lenses and leave debris behind.

The best way to clean your glasses is using warm water, dish washing soap and a soft cotton cloth. Begin by running warm water over your glasses, lenses, frames and ear pieces as well. Next apply a small drop of dish soap to your finger and apply to your lenses. Rub the lenses gently to created a soapy water, rinse and clean with your soft cotton cloth.


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