What is Astigmatisms?

Astigmatism, most commonly misused as ‘a stigmatism’, is when the eye has problems focusing in light. Blurry vision and multiple focus points will occur because the light projecting onto the retina fails to come together as a single focus. The cause of astigmatism is usually an irregularly shaped cornea. The cornea is typically round and symmetrical, whereas a cornea that will cause astigmatism is shaped like a football. Astigmatisms can be found at a very young age so it’s important that you schedule an eye exam for yourself or your children.

Astigmatisms usually cause constant squinting because of the blurred vision, as well as headaches due to excessive eye strain from trying to focus your vision. Astigmatism, like any type of refractive error, can usually be corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses or refractive surgery such as Lasik.

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