• Take Care of Your Eyes This Winter

    We are constantly being informed of the harmful ultraviolet rays during June, July and August, but these rays are just as damaging during December and January?  When in fact, ultraviolet rays can be even more harmful during the Winter months. On top of that here in Boston, where it snows, those harmful ultraviolet rays reflect […]

  • What to Know Before You Buy Contact Lenses

    Are you in the market for some new eye wear options, specifically contact lenses? With the improvements to the design and versatility of contact lenses, these are more commonly used then ever before for eye wear. Soft contact lenses Soft contact lenses are the contact lenses that people are most familiar with worldwide. Soft contact […]

  • A Healthy Diet Influences Eye Health!

    Q Optical understands that daily eye care is important. In addition to wearing sunglasses and corrective lenses there are dietary tips that everyone can take into consideration! Tips at a glance •Have an annual comprehensive dilated eye exam. •Know your family’s health history. •Eat a healthy diet. •Protect eyes from UV rays. •Maintain a healthy […]

  • Everyday Eye Care

    To properly take care of your eyes you need to know now that it is a 24/7 job! The simplest activities can make a big different and you will notice these at your annual eyes exams. Below are a few of the daily eye care tips that will aid in preventing your eyes years to […]

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