• Caring For Your Eyewear

    Whether it’s a new pair of sunglasses or your prescription eyeglasses all eyewear requires special care. At Q Optical we know how important it is to take care of your eyewear to ensure the best result from them. Here are a few tips on how to keep your glasses well maintained for years to come. […]

  • Difference Between Farsightedness & Nearsightedness

    When people with eye glasses discuss their eye condition usually people refer to themselves as either far or near sighted. ¬†Here are the differences between the two and how you can correct your vision! What is farsightedness? Farsightedness is the condition when your eyes focus on objects further away better than objects closer to your […]

  • What to Know Before You Buy Contact Lenses

    Are you in the market for some new eye wear options, specifically contact lenses? With the improvements to the design and versatility of contact lenses, these are more commonly used then ever before for eye wear. Soft contact lenses Soft contact lenses are the contact lenses that people are most familiar with worldwide. Soft contact […]

  • Basic Contact Lenses Care

    When following the proper care and wearing insturction, contact lenses are one of the safest forms of vision correction. Q Optical wants to educated people that use contact lenses so eye remain healthy. By knowing this basic contact lens care you can protect your eyes from harm! Always wash and dry your hands before handling […]

  • How to Properly Clean Eye Glasses

    Eye glasses get dirty everyday from the natural oils from your fingers, make-up, weather conditions, and exposure to everyday activities.¬† Keeping your glasses on a dresser or vanity leaves them exposed to perfumes, hairsprays, and other particles floating in the air. Daily cleaning will improve the effectiveness of your glasses and prevent them from scratches […]

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