Contact Lenses versus Glasses

Q Optical, the fashion eyewear shop of Boston, MA, has contact lenses available for clients interested in making the transition from traditional glasses to contact lenses. If you are having trouble deciding between choosing contact lenses, below is a chart comparing contact lenses to eyeglass.

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Wearing Eyeglasses Wearing Contact Lenses
  • The distance between your eye and the lens sometimes creates distortion.
  • Worn right on the eye, for more natural vision.
  • Eye glasses hinder your peripheral (side) vision.
  • Everything is in focus. Contact are ideal for athletes and driving, when you need to see as much around you as possible.
  • Constant awareness of frame and lens edge, as well as reflections off the backside of the lens.
  • No obstructions or reflections
  • Added weight on your face and ears. Glasses require tightening or other adjustments after 
  • No weight and resulting discomfort. No frame constantly slipping down your nose.
  • Glasses fog up with changes in temperature.
  • Contacts don’t fog up when going from the cold outside to the warm inside.
  • Glasses are a distraction during games and sports.
  • No distractions, which makes contact lenses a favorite among athletes.
  • Fashionable and inexpensive non-prescription sunglasses are not an option if you wear eyeglasses.
  • Contact lenses match everything.
  • Glasses need to complement your outfit. Certain frames or colors might clash with your outfits.
  • Contacts match everything you wear because you can’t see them!
  • When it rains or snows eyeglasses are an added annoyance
  • Contact lenses won’t collect precipitation and blur your vision.
  • Glasses are an unnatural, distracting barrier between your eyes and the world.
  • Contacts don’t detract from your natural appearance; they let people see your eyes.

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