Take Care of Your Eyes This Winter

We are constantly being informed of the harmful ultraviolet rays during June, July and August, but these rays are just as damaging during December and January?  When in fact, ultraviolet rays can be even more harmful during the Winter months. On top of that here in Boston, where it snows, those harmful ultraviolet rays reflect off the light surface area.  Protecting your vision should be on your agenda every month of the year.

Important winter eye care tips:

1.  Wearing protective sunglasses all year, not just in the summer can do the following:

  • Prevent 99 – 100% of dangerous ultraviolet rays from reaching your eyes
  • Protect your eyes from sunburn and vision damage, especially if you live in a climate where it snows often.
  • An additional benefit of wearing sunglasses is that they protect your eyes from harmful wind and cold.

2.  Dress appropriately to keep your eyes safe during the winter. 

  • Wearing a brimmed hat, a hooded jacket or coat and wrap around sunglasses to keep your eyes and skin safe during the Winter months
  • The right clothes can also prevent tears from evaporating in your eyes which will help prevent dry, scratchy eyes.

3.  Using a humidifier and eye drops to keep your eyes healthy. 

  • A humidifier adds moisture to the air so while your heating systems can dry the air in your home causing scratchy, irritated eyes, a humidifier is a great purchase.
  • Eye drops on hand will help prevent dry eyes.

It’s important to keep your eyes protected during the entire year, not just the summer. Contact Dr. Q at Q Optical located on 287 Newbury St, Boston MA.


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