Fashion Trends for Men’s Eyewear

Trends are constantly changing in the fashion eye wear industry. Men’s eye wear tends to remain the same but today it has taken on a more modern fell. For Men struggling to decide which style’s are in take the following aspects into account next time you visit Dr. Q at Q optical on Newbury Street, Boston MA.

  1. Masculine shapes: The classic 80’s aviator style has re-surfaced along with the┬ádouble brow-bar styles. Both are made with materials fair more durable and newer!
  2. Go big or go home! Larger and bolder eye sizes and frame shapes are in. John Lennon’s glasses with the small frames will never go out of style especially for smaller faces.
  3. For a very modern look there are rimless and semi-rimless eye glasses. The classy are very light-weight and comfortable as well as classy making them a great unisex style.
  4. Titanium is found in golf clubs, bicycles and even space shuttles, because of its durability, and light weight.  Titanium is also non-corrosive, and stylish making eye wear made of titanium easy to function and fashionable. Other options to titanium are stainless steel and aluminum because of the same durable and lightweight features.
  5. For a men looking for a more younger, hip or retro look, try plastic eye wear. Both lightweight and comfortable, plastic frames come in a wide variety of styles. The classic shapes in tortoise patterns also are likely to remain in style forever.

Q Optical has a variety of men’s fashion eye wear that is always up with the trends. Make an appointment today with Dr. Q for a fitting!

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