• Are Contact Lenses a Good Option for my Child?

    A common question among parents of children with glasses is when is a good time for my child to start wearing contact lenses? Most people assume children should stay away from contact lenses until they are much older, but that is often not the case. In fact, depending on the child contact lenses can begin […]

  • Your Old Mascara May be More Harm than you Think

    Eyelashes naturally have bacteria on them & that bacteria is transferred to your mascara wand as soon as you use it. Although makeup contains preservatives to stop bacteria growth, the dark moist environment of your mascara tube is where bacteria thrives, & over time it will accumulate. This can lead to infections like pink eye and […]

  • How Eye Exams Help Identify Health Conditions

    How Eye Exams Help Identify Health Conditions Your eyes are the window to your soul, and also a window into your health. An eye exam can reveal much more than just what is going on behind your eyelids, it can reveal what is happening in the rest of your body too. Eye exams can help […]

  • Back to School Eyewear Trends

    Back To School As summer winds down and September creeps closer there is one thing on everyone’s minds, back to school time! And now is the perfect time to switch up your look and kick off the new school year right, with a fresh new pair of specs. Q Optical has all of the latest trends […]

  • Best Foods to Boost Eye Health

    Best Foods to Boost Eye Health Almost everyone has heard the saying that carrots are good for your eyes. And it’s true, carrots and most orange foods contain beta-carotene, a substance the body converts into vitamin A, which in turn, helps protect our eyes. But orange foods aren’t the only thing to help promote eye health, […]

  • 5 Things Every Contact Wearer Should Stop Doing

    5 Things Every Contact Wearer Should Stop Doing Every contact wearer has a few bad habits with their contacts, even if they don’t want to admit them. But it is important to take care of your contacts because they not only help you see but if they are not cared for properly can affect your […]

  • Caring For Your Eyewear

    Whether it’s a new pair of sunglasses or your prescription eyeglasses all eyewear requires special care. At Q Optical we know how important it is to take care of your eyewear to ensure the best result from them. Here are a few tips on how to keep your glasses well maintained for years to come. […]

  • Can You Swim With Contact Lenses?

    Can you swim with contact lenses? Sources say that contact lenses should not be exposed to any sort of water, so it is not necessarily recommended that you swim with your contact lenses in. The different types of Bacterias in water can potentially cause eye infections and irritations. While you have contacts in, you should avoid […]

  • Top 20 Boston Optometry 2015 Rankings!

    Every day, thousands of patients come to Opencare to find and connect with great health providers. Our goal is to recognize and showcase each city’s best practices, based on patient reviews from Yelp, RateMDS, Google, Opencare and more. We are so proud to announce that our very own, Dr. S. Michelle Quintero-Chica has ranked in […]

  • Popular Fashion Eyewear Designers of Summer!

    Q Optical located on Newbury Street in Boston, MA has the hottest fashion eyewear designer brands, as well as customized frames by Dr. Q herself! If you are in the need of hip, chic and trendy eyewear, whether it be sunglasses or eyeglasses, stop by Q Optical today! We have high-end designer eyewear frames such […]

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