• Spring 2015 Eyewear Trends

    After a long and dreary winter, there is nothing more refreshing than bright colors and warmth – which is why one of the hottest trends of Spring 2015 eyewear is bright colored sunglasses! Colorful frames and creative designs are a huge hit this upcoming season. Colors such as yellow, blue, red and white are becoming […]

  • Drug Store Glasses vs. Prescription Glasses

    We understand the convenience of picking up a quick pair of drug store reading glasses for a cheap buck, however, it is very important that you visit your eye doctor regularly for two reasons. Annual eye exams are capable of catching any underlying issues with your eyes. Certain eye diseases can be caught and treated […]

  • What Does 20/20 Vision Mean?

    Have you ever been to an eye doctor before and have them tell you that your vision is 20/20 and you just assume that means you have perfect eyesight? We are here to clarify the confusion of what exactly 20/20 vision means… 20/20 vision is a term used to define normal visual clarity or sharpness […]

  • Holiday Eye Fashion Trends!

    Why play the guessing game this year? Give your loved ones what they really want! The Holidays are quickly approaching, and we have the perfect gifts for you to give! Q Optical located in the Back Bay on Newbury Street in Boston, MA offers over 13 different brands in our shop by some of the […]

  • What is BrightOcular and would it affect my current vision?

    BrightOcular is a surgical procedure that can alternate the appearance of your iris by inserting an intraocular implant into the chamber of your eye. This procedure is used for both medical and cosmetic reasons. Medically, it can be used in patients with iris abnormalities such as ocular albinism, coloboma, total or partial aniridia, heterochromia and […]

  • Did you know you can find us on ZocDoc?

    Not entirely sure what ZocDoc is? ZocDoc is an online medical care scheduling service enabling users to find and book a health practitioner who accepts their insurance. It is convenient, easy to use and free. The mission of ZocDoc is to improve access to healthcare.  It is a great way to search for a doctor […]

  • Most Common Vision Problems in the U.S

    Did you know that almost two-thirds of adults in the U.S. rely on prescription eyewear on a daily basis? That is an alarming percentage of people who suffer from the 4 most common vision problems. Farsightedness This vision problem is when objects far away can be seen clearly while those close up are blurry. This […]

  • Can staring at a computer screen all day long damage your eyesight?

    Does your job require you to sit at a desk staring at a computer for eight hours at a time and at the end of the day you find yourself suffering from a headache and discomfort in your eyes? The truth is, the screen you are staring at for a long period of time isn’t […]

  • Geek-Chic Fall 2014 Trends

    One of the best things about eyewear fashion is that it is constantly changing, making the ‘next big trend’ even more exciting than the last. Fall is approaching which means a whole new batch of eyewear will be coming out and we have picked our top 3 favorites! Oversized. Oversized sunglasses and regular eyeglasses are […]

  • What is Astigmatisms?

    Astigmatism, most commonly misused as ‘a stigmatism’, is when the eye has problems focusing in light. Blurry vision and multiple focus points will occur because the light projecting onto the retina fails to come together as a single focus. The cause of astigmatism is usually an irregularly shaped cornea. The cornea is typically round and […]

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