A Healthy Diet Influences Eye Health!

Q Optical understands that daily eye care is important. In addition to wearing sunglasses and corrective lenses there are dietary tips that everyone can take into consideration!

Tips at a glance

•Have an annual comprehensive dilated eye exam.

•Know your family’s health history.

•Eat a healthy diet.

•Protect eyes from UV rays.

•Maintain a healthy weight.

•Don’t smoke

•Give your eyes a break from the computer.

•Clean your hands and your contact lenses properly.

•Protect your eyes at work and play.

Smoking can cause cancer and increase your risk of heart attack and stroke.  Heavy smokers, those who usually smoke 15 or more cigarettes a day, increase their risk of getting cataracts, glaucoma, & severe dry eye syndrome.

Waiting until you experience vision problems to make an appointment is not the way to go. Slight changes or problems in your eyes can be detected and early diagnosis can be made if you stick to going to the eye doctor regularly.

At Q Optical, the Optical Shop of Boston MA we encourage a healthy diet to maintain healthy vision. Make an appointment today!




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